Dawn breaks on day 1 of the Integrated Tech Symposium

Dawn will soon break in San Francisco or at least it has for me. I seem to be caught in some sort of time zone warp as I found myself wide awake at three in the morning. Too many different time zones in this past month… I believe I am caught somewhere between EDT and CDT while I find myself currently in PDT.

Today is the first day of the Center for Innovation in Teaching: Integrated Tech Symposium. This should be a great experience as a small group of educators from across the country will soon gather at The Urban school in the heart of San Francisco to explore teaching and learning in today’s technology rich environment. I am always excited to discuss with other educators and learn from the diversity of their experiences.

Today’s schedule starts at 9:00 am PDT and will wrap up around 3:30pm PDT. The menu includes…

*9-9:30a A Vision of Integrated Technology

*9:30-10:30a Language- Extending Oral Practice Within and Beyond the Classroom

*10:45-11:45a Math- Visual and Interactive

12:45-2:00p Hands-on Workshops

*2:15-3:30p Panel Discussion: Realities of Teaching in a Laptop School

. Today’s choices for the hands-on workshops include:

  • Interactive White Board Techniques- Language Emphasis
  • Exploring Math Software
  • Exploring Science Software

I have not yet decided which session I will attend but I suspect I will spend some time exploring either the Math or Science software tracks today.

As you look at the schedule above, you will see a star next to many events. These are the events that I will be Live Blogging today and I invite you to join us on this through the Live Blog. This is very easy and you can find the information on how to participate and the appropriate Live Blog links on this blog.

You can also learn more about this symposium and invite others to join in the live blogging sessions through this blog. Simply send out a link to the invitation page through e-mail, Twitter or any other means you know.

Finally, talking about Twitter, you can also follow along on Twitter by following @urbanschool_cit. Twitter seems to be taking the world by storm and I can see why. This blog did not exist before yesterday yet its first day produced over 100 hits simply because of the social nature of tools like Twitter. So, if you have a twitter account, feel free to pass this information on and Tweet the world. I am looking forward to my journey and the new knowledge that will be constructed through this process.


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Meet your CIT Symposium Blogger

Greetings from your CIT (Center for Innovative Teaching) blogger. My name is Chris Bigenho and I will be joining you on this journey over the next three days. I just arrived in San Francisco and checked into the Inn 1890. What a cool place! I am currently sitting at a table next to the Inn’s computer where, in the last ten minutes, there has been a steady stream of guests stepping up and checking: news, e-mail, cricket scores and now Facebook. Let this be just a small example of the connected world we live in and our seemingly endless need to connect with others over great distances and keep up with the happenings from around the globe.

Now, a little about me. I am the Director of Educational Technology at Greenhill School in Addison, Texas. Addison is a small town that sits in the North Dallas area bounded by Dallas, Farmers Branch and Carrolton. Greenhill is a coed non-denominational college-prep independent day school in the Dallas area. Our community consists of approximately 1250 k-12 students on approximately 74 acres. I am going on my 14th year on The Hill which must mean I really like the place as this is the longest I have been in any one place. Besides working with students, faculty and staff with all things relating to teaching and learning with technology, I teach a course each trimester for the upper school science department. This year I will be teaching Biotechnology, The Physics of Sports, and Introduction to Astronomy.

Currently, I am a doctoral student at the University of North Texas in the Learning Technologies department studying educational technology and cognitive systems. My research interests broadly follow four paths- teacher professional development through action research, teaching and learning with emerging technologies, cognitive aspects of learning with technology and games as learning environments.

I live in Wylie Texas with my wife and two children. My daughter attends Greenhill and will be in the 6th grade this year. My son will be a 7th grader at Shelton School which is approximately 5 miles from Greenhill. Each is really enjoying their respective educational experiences and my hope is they will continue to love learning and turn it into a life habit. My wife is the associate provost at the University of Texas, Dallas. She is also very involved in technology.

I am providing a link to a few additional items so you can learn more about my background, epistemic stance, ontological perspective and online ramblings. It is my hope that I will get to know all of you over the next three days as we explore many new technologies, pedagogies, philosophies together on this journey provided by the Center for Innovative Teaching at The Urban School.

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Setting Up

I am in the process of getting ready to head to San Francisco for an engaging time at The Urban School as I participate in their Center for Innovative Teaching: Integrated Tech Symposium. This promises to be powerful and different learning experience. The list of sessions, intriguing, the size of the symposium guaranteeing great interaction and collaboration. It will also be nice to escape the Dallas heat. All right, so it was not that hot today. In fact, it rained the entire day- something we really needed.

I have created this specific blog site as a separate space from my regular blog as I am serving as the symposium blogger and wanted this to be able to stand on it’s own. It is possible that some of these blog entries will be RP-Reposted on my main blog. Well, now to set up the style for this blog site and create the feed links to the symposium wiki. More from me soon.

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